Loc. Pineta Is Arenas 09070 Narbolia (Oristano) Sardegna - Italy

Is Arenas Lodging – Food & beverage


Accommodation Service at Is Arenas

The pleasure of staying at Is Arenas is to live in large green spaces enjoying the scents of nature, the sea breeze, and the shades of the pine forest.
To better allow our guests to enjoy these resources, Is Arenas Golf has been equipped with stylish fully equipped kitchenettes and villas, located 800 meters to the sea, by walking, by bicycle or by golf buggy or golf buggy shuttle, without automotive traffic. Particularly valuable are the Foresteria degli Ulivi and the Foresteria La Colonna, which are intended to host groups of friends’ golfers possibly accompanied by their professional.
Lodging accommodation with about 40 beds overall, are open all year round and are complemented by a private refreshment point where you can enjoy the excellent Sardinian cuisine and the fine wines of the area.
Below and in the “Lodging gallery” are shown the different facilities with specific information and photographs.

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