Loc. Pineta Is Arenas 09070 Narbolia (Oristano) Sardegna - Italy

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Italians call their home country il bel paese for good reason. “The Beautiful Country” more than lives up to such a lofty moniker with miles of gorgeous coastlines, soaring mountains, and lush terrain stretching from the tip of the boot in the south to the peaks of the Alps in the north.

Italy is synonymous with incredible food, glorious wine, ancient ruins, and fabulous fashion, yet even serious golfers may not associate their favorite game with one of the most popular travel locales on earth. That will surely change soon, when the presitigious Ryder Cup tees off in Rome in 2023 for what promises to be a celebration of the sport across the world. Moreover, the international tournament is a chance to introduce the world to Italy as a premier golfing destination—or reintroduce, more accurately.

The story of golf in Italy dates all the way back to the founding of the historic Florence Golf Club in 1889; four years before the first course opened in America. Now known as Circolo Golf Ugolino, it is one of more than 300 world-class courses that golfers can play in Italy—enough courses to play a fresh 18 holes every day for a year, with weekends reserved to enjoy a tiny taste of everything else Italia has to offer.

With such a rich golfing tradition, there is no need to wait until 2023 to book your tee time. If you want to experience world-class golf in spectacular surroundings, simply pack your spikes alongside your handmade Italian driving shoes and set a course for each of these vibrant, unique regions that together make Italy a truly bel paese.

Golfing in Italy is unlike golfing anywhere else on earth. As the country prepares to host the Ryder Cup in 2023, here’s what you need to know to tee off in Sardinia.

As your Italian golf tour approaches the clubhouse, there is no better place to end than the crown jewel of the Mediterranean Sea. Due west of the boot and just south of the French island of Corsica are the clear turquoise waters, impeccable beaches, and rich history of Sardinia.

Sardinia is one of the oldest occupied bodies of land in Europe: Since 6,000 BC, the island has faced a near constant flow of conquering Phoenicians, Romans, Moors and Catalans, all of whom have ruled parts of the second largest island in the Mediterranean.

Eons later, the surf, sand, and ancient ruins remain, while modern Sardinia has become an absolutely amazing golf retreat. With perfect year-round conditions, the island is an unbeatable getaway for golfers sick of winter rules and desperate for an unforgettable Italian golf holiday.

The west coast of the island features long stretches of sandy beaches with small towns dotted here and there amid the thick pine forests. Stunning accomodations like the Is Arenas Resort, with nearly six kilometers of beachfront, conjure up a rainbow of vibrant colors and intense sensations. Located in the Oristano area, once the site of extensive sand dunes, the land has since been reforested and turned in a vast green oasis that supports a pine forest and a golf course that is simply a little slice of golf paradise.

The Is Arenas Golf & Country Club is distinguished by an almost perfect combination of sandy dunes, forests, seascapes, and an excellent climate. A hidden diamond floating in the sapphire water, Is Arenas is amongst the most spectacular golf courses in Europe. The classic parkland course carves through a magical pine forest that evokes the feel of playing in England, so many travelling golfers will feel right at home here. Of course, once you emerge from the woods you will bask in the glorious sunshine and know for certain you are walking a special path.