Loc. Pineta Is Arenas 09070 Narbolia (Oristano) Sardegna - Italy

Foresteria degli Ulivi

If you truly want to experience living in a forest, La Foresteria Ulivi is your choice.  Foresteria Ulivi is a stunning guest house set perfectly in the protected forest of Is Arenas.  Trees surround and embrace you.  You will quickly sense the timeless wonder of nature.  The roof top terrace is perfect for starlit nights, so close you can touch them.  Perhaps you will fall in love with the tireless rhythm of the waves caressing the seashore, La Foresteria is sure to awaken your senses.  With 4 bedrooms, La Foresteria della Ulivi is located near all the amenities you need to enjoy a secluded getaway.

Iscrizione al Registro Regionale delle Strutture Ricettive Extra-Alberghiere n. E8226