Loc. Pineta Is Arenas 09070 Narbolia (Oristano) Sardegna - Italy

About Is Arenas Golf Course

“Wheter you are a casual golfer or a serious golfer, there is no better gift you can give yourself, than playing Is Arenas. All the natural elements; sand, dunes, forest, water, flora, fauna; and an exceptionnal climate, blend to provide an endless tapestry of precious colors, rich fragrances and vital energies.”

von Hagge, Smelek and Baril
Golf Course Architets


La Segreteria del golf è aperta tutti i giorni dal lunedì alla domenica dalle 8,30 alle 18,30.

Golf Office is open every days from Monday to Sunday from 8,30 a.m to 18,30 p.m.