Loc. Pineta Is Arenas 09070 Narbolia (Oristano) Sardegna - Italy

Committed to Green

The “green engagement” initiative is one of the tools promoted by the European Golf Federation and the Ecology Unit, with the contribution of the Commission of the European Community, in order to minimize the impact on the environment, from land use and resource consumption by a golf courses.

The “green engagement” project is an environmental certification program which aims to provide environmental certification of environmental compatibility to all golf courses that adhere to the project criteria.

Adherence to the criteria is voluntary and the goal is to achieve continuous improvement between golf and the surrounding environment.

In Europe, the program is coordinated and managed by the European Golf Federation’s Ecology Unit, which has the task of assigning certification in collaboration with a group of internationally renowned experts from independent organizations. In addition, to ensure maximum objectivity and credibility, the definition of ecodesign criteria and the delivery of recognition are subject to independent verification.

Is Arenas was one of the first golf courses in Italy to join the program.  In May 2007, the Scientific Committee, composed of independent exponents, issued to Is Arenas certification for the Project Planned in Green.

Vista aerea.

The path followed for the project is divided into 5 phases:

  1. Programming Statement: This is a commitment subscription, endorsed by its associates, where the Golf Club declares the desire to improve the environmental impact of its sports facility.
  2. Environmental Recognition: Environmental performance is assessed for each individual golf course in order to create a database on which to develop an eco-friendly program. At this stage, it is possible to request the presence of an external environmental adviser to assist the in carrying out reconnaissance. 
  3. The Eco-friendly Management Program: through the help of an environmental counselor, establishes an environmental management plan which is compatible with the territory where the golf course is located.  This plan should envisage environmental advances in the field of nature conservation, landscaping and cultural heritage, management of water resources, grassland management, waste disposal, energy saving and purchase strategies, vocational training of workers and Working environment, communication and public awareness and mid-term review.
  4. Certification: Commited to Green Award: These results will be exhibited at  the European level, at the Committed to Green Foundation and each certified Club is acknowledged for the significant progress achieved in the expected categories of engagement.
  5. Ongoing diligence:  Participation in the program involves the compilation of an admission form, which allows you to collect all the basic information about the golf club that will join the program, and an environmental survey module / questionnaire that aims to understand what are the environmental prerogatives, the golf course and its maintenance practices.